Frontline Medical can provide a medical support trailer, stocked with first aid supplies and over the counter medications. We staff our medical units with flight qualified Critical Care RN's, Paramedics, and EMTB's. We ensure that all Paramedics and EMTs are fire line qualified and pack tested, meeting 310-1 requirements.

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Medical / Ambulance

Doctor Support

Medical Support

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Incident Medical Management - Emergency Medical Services


P.O. Box 1380 Graeagle CA 96103

Frontline Medical has expanded our Emergency Medical Service capabilities by adding Advanced Life Support Ambulance / Paramedic Services in the Disaster Support arena. Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to transport the critical patient in a mobile hospital setting.

" ...always willing to adapt their presence, to meet the needs of the incident. "

Frontline Medical has a Doctor on staff available to the medical unit for consultations, 24 hours per day, via phone and/or internet. We can provide prescription medication therapy for a large number of everyday illnesses.

Ambulance Support

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